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Created: Jan 16, 2020 19:39

On Thursday January 16, BHS hosted an event to celebrate the nomination of the new “Alvin Ferreira Family Theater” and the new “Music Suites offered by Barrie Trimingham and David Pierson” and also to share the special 125th anniversary exhibit.

In attendance were staff, board members, students, parents, donors and alumni, all of whom have supported the Leading the Way campaign since its inception over two years ago. The old “Little Gym” was redeveloped over the summer and turned into a black box theater. The new theater is a versatile performance space that has previously been used for parent presentations and student performances. Mobile staging allows classes to tailor the space to their needs, and state-of-the-art equipment and lighting also gives students the opportunity to learn and improve their technical skills. The new music rooms were also completed over the summer and now feature 11 rehearsal rooms, a soundproof recording studio, and modernized dance and movement spaces.

The president of the board, Mariette Savoie, welcomed the group and said that a look back at the history of the school offered a perspective on the current situation of BHS: the School through many changes. BHS has always been forward thinking and focused on educating young women. This new innovation hub and the renovated musical suites and theater are the 21st century update that will firmly place BHS as the school of the future in Bermuda.

School principal Linda Parker also addressed those in attendance, welcoming the generous donors who have made these renovations and upgrades possible: the Innovation Center and the Renovation of the Arts Wing. Countless hours of work have passed behind the scenes over the past two years, with our dedicated team of staff and volunteers raising the necessary funds. To all of you who are here tonight, I say a huge thank you.

We also recognized early on that it was essential to improve our art facilities in order to foster the dramatic, artistic and musical creativity of our students. Thanks to generous donors like Pamela Ferreira, Barrie Trimingham and David Pierson, we were able to make our dream come true.

At BHS you will always find a student singing or playing music – music is encouraged from day one, and early learning happens through song, and music is an integral part of learning throughout. school. I am always amazed by the musical talent of our students, and since September so many students have taken advantage of the additional number of rehearsal rooms.

Pamela Ferreira spoke on behalf of her family to dedicate the theater’s name to her late husband, Alvin Ferreira: “Tonight we celebrate here the A of STEAM, A for the arts. My late husband, and Kristie and David’s father, Alvin Ferreira, was a wonderful man… he loved the arts and especially loved watching his daughter commission many pieces. He would be so proud if she was here tonight. Kristie unveiled the sign to dedicate the theater to the name of her late father.

After Ms Parker introduced the name of the new musical suites, she invited Barrie Trimingham to say a few words. As a former BHS student, Ms Trimingham recalled her time in school learning to play the piano and studying music theory. It is her continued love for music that prompted her to support the expansion of the school and the renovation of musical spaces. “Since my days here at BHS, a lot has changed. David and I were so impressed and inspired by what is going on at this school right now; beyond my wildest dreams, and we are absolutely thrilled to be able to support the arts at BHS. Mr. Pierson unveiled the plaque for the new musical suites.

Another highlight of the evening was the official unveiling of the 125th anniversary exhibition. Originally scheduled for September, Hurricane Humberto and Tropical Storm Jerry delayed the unveiling. For many months, staff combed through the archive of photos and other memorabilia to put together the contents of the exhibit. Alumni were invited to share their memories and ephemera, which added an extra layer of nostalgia to the final exhibit. BHS partnered with a local design firm, Uber Super Duper, and worked together on the overall vision for the final product which shows a timeline of the school’s history from day one of 1894 to the present day .

Linda Parker spoke about the exhibition: “We are also delighted to finally be able to present our 125th exhibition which is a beautiful tribute to the last 125 years of our history…. We hope you enjoy the feeling of nostalgia it evokes and we want to thank our staff who got involved, as well as the design team of Sami Lil and Lucy Russell of Uber Super Duper who are here tonight.

Guests were then treated to a preview of the upcoming school production of The Little Mermaid which will be held in Queen Elizabeth Hall from January 30 to February 2. The students performed a song called “Positoovity” from the show.

The Innovation Center will include five new science labs, two computer and robotics labs, a Maker space, a digital media room, a learning center and a library and leadership center for girls. The work will be completed in September for the start of the 2020 school year.

The Alvin Ferreira Family Theater (Photo provided)

Musical suites by Barrie Trimingham and David Pierson (Photo provided)

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