Dance Theater Arts ballerinas compete in Youth America Grand Prix final



MANILA, Philippines – Who knew online classes could turn little girls into world-class ballerinas?

Chloe Chen, Bianca Denise Magbatoc and Tiffany Ong of Dance Theater Arts (DTA) were finalists for the Youth America Grand Prix (YAGP), nicknamed “Olympics of ballet” on July 18th.

Tiffany Ong won the Precompetitive Classic Top 12 and the duo of Bianca and Tiffany reached the Ensemble Top 12 for their virtual performances “Happy Together”, thanks to their determined spirit and their training under the wings of the Founder and DTA’s ballet guru Pamela Ortiz -Bondoc.

This recognition proves that even confinement cannot hinder their dreams. Since the start of the pandemic, DTA has moved from face-to-face to virtual courses. This new configuration made the children dance, but not without challenges.

From face-to-face to distance education, from lounges to makeshift studios, big adjustments have had to be made. Despite the loss of a center table or sofa, teacher Pam happily shared, “Everyone was so willing to give them up for the sake of continuing to learn.”

It is true that students, coaches and parents have been flexible enough to face this new reality together. Parents are now more involved, while students focus more when playing alone.

This discipline and confidence have allowed Chloe, Tiffany and Bianca to shine in world competitions, winning prizes and scholarships in prestigious dance schools.

Now, it could happen to your little girl too! Aside from the fun, the sense of normalcy, she can also realize her potential to conquer the international scene just like the girls of DTA. So let her wear those leotards, put on those ballet shoes and take the first step towards her dreams with DTA.

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