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Cinema in the theater has become a growing culture, even more so in the aftermath of Covid-19. As Rwanda is still recovering from the pandemic, many of us have turned to entertainment to decompress and have fun, and just have fun when we still can. 2021 was the year the film industry around the world bounced back and delivered a great experience, reminding us that we can get on with our lives. In addition to big movies that hit the box office; theater movies were packed and booked.

“While we have absolutely adhered to our restrictions, those who come to us have a great experience and leave them feeling satisfied.” Says Daniella Umuzaranenge, intern at Canal Olympia. In times like these when we are still living within the new normal of social distancing, theater cinema brings people together in an environment that respects restrictions and provides them with an amazing experience.

Umuzaranenge witnessed the shining faces of those who had their 3D experience after the theater opened and launched to receive the public. It changes mentalities and relaxes the public, popcorn and drink in hand. The quarantine experience has caused many to settle into new movie-watching habits, with some going to their neighbors’ homes, others using their phones. These theatrical films provide an even better experience and within legal limits.

Simon Rwema, Canal Olympia’s Game Master, mentioned that attendance has been great, people are always open to the cinema and the only limitation, as much as it is a necessary restriction, has been the 50% reduction in attendance. Covid-19 has changed in the audience and that’s why many are even more open to attending Canal Olympia’s amazing cinemas and games. The 3D experience was alien to many but most notably the understandable amount required to reserve a seat. Rwema believes that games and movies provide a unique dating experience, and there are escape rooms that provide additional values ​​of teamwork and deep thinking. The feedback has been positive and encouraging, people also come to have fun and gain knowledge.

He strongly recommends that the public come and enjoy a rare experience in our country at an affordable price. “Times like these call for such entertainment measures to provide relaxation and enjoyment to the public with the restrictions in place to protect as well, and so they are always welcome to join us.” He said.

Rebecca Mahoro, a student at the University of Kigali, became a theater regular, the aftermath of Covid-19 left her upset, and so when a friend suggested she go watch a movie, ‘Eternals’, she was reluctant at first, expecting normal pandemic exercises to keep her busy and she won’t have fun, but the two-hour movie and 3D experience made her forget her concerns that had become the norm in the post-Covid 19 era.

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